Cold Brew Book Reviews

2020 Goal: Do Not Finish

3 min read

If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time not finishing a book when it just doesn’t mesh with you. This became even more difficult after I began this blog and my bookish Instagram account. I felt immense guilt if I didn’t finish a book. This became even more of a problem when publishers started sending me books (look for a post in the near future about how to contact publishers and ways to receive advanced copies of books) to read and review.

Shopping at Amazon Books

4 min read

Happy New Year! I can’t believe that we are two entire decades into the 2000’s. It seems like just yesterday that I received the Backstreet Boys Millennium CD for Christmas. I want to get this blog up and running again. It will remain a book blog, but I will be blogging about more than just individual book reviews. Now that I have immersed myself so deeply into the book world, I have a lot more information to share.

Serpent & Dove

3 min read

Have you ever read a book that has you questioning every rating you’ve given to every other book you have read? I want to subtract a star from every other rating I have given and give all those stars to Serpent & Dove because this book has me obsessing. I’m so thankful there is a sequel coming out next fall, but now I have to patiently wait. If you have a conversation with me in the next year, chances are that this book will come up.

September Review

8 min read

After my first full month of reading and reviewing, I have found my groove. I have also found little tweaks to make this process more manageable. I read a record number of books this month: 13! I am feeling a little burnt out, not with the reading, but with the reviewing. I have at least 10 books planned to read in October, so I think I’m going to narrow my full reviews here to one per week.

The Flatshare

3 min read

Tiffy needs a place to live after her ex-boyfriend left her and became engaged to another woman before Tiffy could even move out of their shared apartment. Leon needs extra cash and just so happens to work a graveyard shift. Tiffy takes the flat (aka ‘apartment’ if you live in the US) during the nights, and while she works during the day Leon sleeps in the flat. On the weekends, Leon is away at his jealous girlfriend’s flat, who demands that she manages the flatshare so that Leon never has to have contact with Tiffy.