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Chick Lit

When Life Gives You Lululemons

4 min read

Welcome to Greenwich, Connecticut, where the workout pants are tight and the lips are loose. Women here are portrayed as bored housewives who have sex toy parties and drink alcohol before noon daily. Basically the reader is not supposed to like 99% of these Connecticut moms, with the exception being Miriam, who just moved into the neighborhood, and Karolina, who was just forced there by her cheating husband. If you have read the Devil Wears Prada novels, you will recognize Emily who used to work for Miranda Priestly in New York City.

Well Met

5 min read

I do not give any clear spoilers in this review, but in order to speak freely about some of my criticisms of Well Met I have to speak about some of the obvious plot points. I stand behind that everything spoken about in my review can be found on the inside jacket description and online description of the book. That being said, this is not a flattering review of this book.

The Nobodies

4 min read

Have you ever read a book that just pulls you into its universe? The characters become your friends and your family. You cannot stand for it to end as if you can tell that the characters don’t want to lose you as the reader either. The Nobodies is that book for me. It is the first book that I have read this year that I was fully able to immerse myself in and become friends with the characters.

Things You Save in a Fire

5 min read

One of these days I am going to review a book that did not receive five stars from me. At least once I am going to have some not-so-nice things to say about a book. Today is not that day. I am very lucky that the last three books I have read have all been 5-star reads for me because I am a harsh book critic. So here is another book that you must read, according to me.

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

4 min read

“Book nerds are daredevils, as you know.” (pg. 46) After reading the synopsis of this book, I realized that the main character, Nina Hill, was correct with this sarcastic thought about remaining in her preferred genre for book club. The synopsis could not have described a more “me” character, other than the single and childless part. But I’m here to tell you that if I were both single and childless, I would be living the Nina Hill life and there would be books about me.